Woodwarm woodburning stoves

Wildwood woddburning stoves
The Woodwarm Wildwood, CE approved range of stoves have been developed to be environmentally friendly, burning only wood as a totally sustainable fuel.

Wood fuel is carbon neutral. It absorbs as much carbon in it`s growth as it releases when burnt. Reducing carbon emissions that lead to greenhouse gases means wood is the fuel of the future.

• Handcrafted in Devon
• 10 year guarantee
• Energy rating A
• Choice of 3 x bases
• Exceptionally easy to light and control
• Advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear at all times.
• Wood burning only
• Available in 5 Stove Bright colours
• 5 kW / 6 kW / 7kW / 9 kW / 10 kW / 12kW / 14 kW / 16 kW / 20kW

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