Woodwarm Phoenix and Fireview Eco stove range

Ecodesign ready Phoenic Eco stoves
An industry leading range of environmentally friendly stoves which are exceptionally easy to light and control.

By combining an advanced air wash and tertiary air system within the combustion chamber, Woodwarm have exceeded the Ecodesign Ready standard for ultra low emissions. This gives the Phoenix Eco Range its class leading environmental credentials. All the Phoenix Eco Stoves are suitable for use in smokeless areas. Their Ecodesign Ready convector stoves come into their own where distances to combustibles are a concern. With an integral heatshield incorporated in their design, they have a greater capacity for use where conventional stoves can not be installed.

Woodwarm Eco stoves with the added comfort that each comes with a 10 year guarantee.

• Ultra low emissions
• Exceeding the Ecodesign ready 2022 standard
• 10 year guarantee
• Exceptionally easy to light and control
• Finest quality steel
• Available in a range of Stove Bright© colours
• Advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear at all times
• Cool touch stainless steel handle and controls
• Handcrafted in Devon using only the finest quality steel
• Full riddling grate and ashpan
• Wood efficiency 77.6 to 79.6%
• Ancit efficiency 79.7to 81.1%

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