Heta – Chamber stoves

Heta Chamber Stoves
The Heta Ambition stove models offer a wonderful view of the fire burning supremely in the fire chamber. A single air control lever allows precise control of the swirling and mesmerising flames and cosy heat that this stove produces.

Heta’s Inspire series is a range of rugged multi-fuel stoves made from the best quality 5mm and 8mm steel, with a solid cast iron door, fire base and shaker grate. Inspire stoves produce 2-6.3kW of heat making them ideal for a wide range of applications from log cabins, country cottages, town houses to larger modern homes.

• 4.9kW nominal output
• 3-7kW range
• Ecodesign approved
• 85% efficiency
• CO of 0.089%
• Up to 400mm log length
• Huge cast iron door & glass window
• Vermiculite lined fire chamber
• Tertiary air for clean burn performance
• Suitable for installation into highly insulated homes
• Secondary air wash to keep the glass door clean
• Precision air control lever
• Defra approved for use in smoke control areas
• Up to nine modern enamel colours

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