Gazco Riva2 600HL Modern Gas Fires

Riva2 600HL Gas Fires Features
Suitable for standard 22” chimney openings, the versatile Riva2 600HL gas fire works equally well in both modern or traditional interiors. Whether styled as a contemporary fire or as a magnificent fireplace when coupled with one of Gazco’s period stone mantels, this highly adaptable conventional flue gas fire can be customised to suit your home.

Frame Options
To create a chic, minimalist look, you can opt for the ‘hole in the wall’ Riva2 600HL Edge gas fire. Alternatively, the Riva2 600HL Icon XS gas fire creates a bold statement in your home with its clean geometric lines and highly reflective black glass. The Riva2 600 Verve XS features a subtle curved form, whilst the Riva2 600HL Evoke XS gas fire incorporates a sleek glass front and contoured black steel back to create a more sophisticated look. Whether your tastes lie with the contemporary or the traditional, you can find a frame to suit your interior.

• Highly adaptable
• 4 x frame options
• Logs Fuel Bed
• Programmable Thermostatic remote control
• Conventional Flue – 5.3kW heat output 76% high efficiency
• Linings: Black Glass, Brick and Ledgestone

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