Gazco Riva2 400 Modern Gas Fires

Riva2 400 Gas Fires
The Riva2 400 gas fire is the most compact fire in the Riva2 range. This conventional flue fire is perfect for standard homes with 16” fireplaces. With a heat output of up to 3.8kW, this gas fire has a wide range of designer styling options to complement the eye-catching flame visuals.

Frame Options
The Riva2 400 gas fire has a wide selection of frame options to choose from. You can select from the contemporary-styled Riva2 400 Edge gas fire with its clean, frameless design to create a ‘hole in the wall’ look. With its reflective black glass frame, the Riva2 400 Icon XS gas fire will add a sleek touch to your living space. For a modern distinctive focal point, the Verve XS frame offers a host of possibilities for the Riva2 400 gas fire with a range of optional matching top and base sections to choose from. Featuring a glass front and a contoured black steel back, the Riva2 400 Evoke XS enhances your gas fire further.

• Compact
• 4 x frame options
• Logs Fuel Bed
• Programmable Thermostatic remote control
• 3.8kW of heat at up to 81% efficiency
• Conventional Flue
• Linings: Vermiculite, Black Reeded, EchoFlame Black Glass

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