Woodwarm – Chamber stoves

Woodwarm Eco Chamber Stoves

These stylish, highly efficient, chamber stoves are approved to burn wood in smoke free zones. Unlike an open fire, where the majority of the heat goes up the chimney, Fireview Eco stoves naturally emit heat into the heart of the room. This means our clean burn technology can reduce emissions by as much as 90%.

All Woodwarm multifuel stoves can be used for Woodburning only, this is due to our riddling grates ability to form a true flat bed which allows a bed of ash to form. The Woodwarm chamber range of stoves all feature the unique clean burn air wash system that keeps your glass clean at all times. All models are suitable for a 12mm super imposed hearth.

• Ultra low emissions
• Has achieved clearSkies level 5 certification
• Exceptionally easy to light and control
• Advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear
• Handcrafted in Devon using only the finest quality steel
• Full riddling grate and ashpan
• Max log length 400mm
• Multifuel stoves can also be used for woodburning only
• Compatible with rear flue adapter
• Compatible with 127mm flue adaptor.
• Suitable for a 12mm superimposed hearth
• Wood & Solid fuel efficiency up to 79.0%
• Passive air capability

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