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RAIS Wood burning stoves – Nordic design and quality
With a wood-burning stove from RAIS, you get timeless Scandinavian design and high quality. Create your exclusive wood-burning stove by choosing from a range of colours, handles and heights.

The comprehensive range includes: Caro is characterized by its compact and attractive design with a discreet rounded front and curved sides. Viva L, with its sculptural and circular exterior, is an elegant and classic wood-burning stove. Nexo is the epitome of clean lines and streamlined design – a stylish wood-burning stove with a wide view of the flames. 600 Max turns heads with its streamlined and clear, defined design. With its multiple glass sides, this wood-burning stove invites unique viewing of the fire. Pilar is an elegant and distinctive wood-burning stove that, with its impressive height, occupies the room and captures the eye with its sculptural design. Juno L is a wood-burning stove with bright heat stones that create a nice contrast to the fire. Q-Tee is a simple and functional wood-burning stove that offers a great view of the fire. Q-Tee C is a small, elegant wood-burning stove with a rounded and organic style. Q-Tee is a stylish wood-burning stove with a cubic and minimalist form. The Q-Tee 2 C features a beautifully rounded design. The wide door follows the curved shape and adds an elegant touch to this wood-burning stove. Q-Be has a phenomenal effect in any room thanks to its amazing large pane. Rotate the top portion of the stove to enjoy the fire from multiple angles. Bionic Fire is an organically shaped wood-burning stove designed to burn as clean as possible.

• CleverAir for automatic air regulation
• Several different heights, option for fitting a base
• AirSystem ensures ideal combustion
• Models with rotating base
• A number of doors, choice of door handles
• Range of accessories
• Online ‘Design your own stove’

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