Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds

Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds – NOT WOOD
Non-combustible beams and surrounds are cast from a fire-proof material. They are ideal for use when regulations state that the distance from a stove would be too close to use a timber beam.

Focuscast beams and surrounds are produced using a high-density mineral composite. They are so realistic it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from real timber. Their fire-proof qualities allow them to be positioned closer to a stove than a timber beam.  The surrounds are supplied in 3 pieces allowing the legs to be positioned to match the fireplace opening.

There are three distinct ranges:

The Character Range is ideal for an authentic look
The Smooth Range has a more modern appearance
The Tudor Range beams look very old

• Unbelievably realistic
• NOT WOOD – made from fire-proof mineral composite
• Moulded from actual wooden beams
• Hand-finished in a choice of colours
• Four profiles and wide range of sizes
• Great Beam, Deep Beam, Facia Beam, Large Fascia Beam
• Also available – steel beam covers

Matching furniture
Focus Fireplaces also make a range of accessories to complete the look of your room, including mirrors, logo holders and tables. READ MORE >

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