Mi-flues Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven

Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven and Outdoor Fireplace

Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Torben Madsen. The pizza oven is a functional and sculptural piece of furniture for the terrace which functions both as a pizza oven and a fireplace.

Inside, the pizza oven is tiled with heat-resistant stones which accumulate the heat and release the perfect heat for baking. Once the fire has been lit with kindling and smaller pieces of wood, the wood/embers are pushed aside, and the pizza can be baked. Alternatively, the front door can be taken off and the oven can be used as an open fireplace.

The pizza oven is now available in two variants: In black quality steel and corten steel. The corten steel will through usage get an elegant patina finish which comes naturally as the outdoor elements have their way with the fireplace.

• Pizza oven or outdoor fireplace
• Black quality steel and corten steel
• Can be used all year round
• Natural stone oven
• Perfect for baking pizza and bread
• Functional and sculptural piece of furniture
• Danish design

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