Heta – Freestanding stoves

Heta Freestanding Stoves

Made in Denmark from the finest steel and cast iron components and designed with Heta clean burn technology ensures quality and performance goes hand-in-hand.

The Heta Freestanding stove range features a variety of woodburning stoves which can be chosen and customised to be the best fit to your home. Including stoves with soapstone, sandstone and ceramic cladding options in 42 different colours which can be freely combined, or wall-mounted and column-mounted stoves which can be rotated, wall-mounted and column-mounted stoves z and benches, side windows and Heta thermastones – the range of options available is truly massive with Heta’s Scan-Line, Ambition  and Inspire ranges.

• 4.5 – 7kW nominal output
• Up to 87% efficiency
• Heta clean burn performance
• Wall-mounted and column-mounted stoves
• Ceramic cladding options in 42 different colours
• Soapstone & sandstone options

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