Heta Ambition multi-fuel stoves

Heta Ambition Stoves
Made in Denmark from the finest steel and cast iron components and designed with Heta clean burn technology ensures quality and performance goes hand-in-hand.

The Heta Ambition stove models offer a wonderful view of the fire burning supremely in the fire chamber. A single air control lever allows precise control of the swirling and mesmerising flames and cosy heat that this stove produces. With its modern and sleek design allows this stove to be installed in many different room settings.

• 4.9kW nominal output
• 3-7kW range
• Ecodesign approved
• 85% efficiency
• CO of 0.089%
• 400mm log length
• Huge cast iron door & glass window
• Vermiculite lined fire chamber
• Tertiary air for clean burn performance
• Suitable for installation into highly insulated homes with its direct fresh air supply
• Secondary air wash to keep the glass door clean
• Precision air control lever
• Defra approved for use in smoke control areas

• Available in black or grey painted colour options
• Available with separate logstore stand
• Optional steel door for the front of logstore stand

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