Barbas Bellfires – Solid fuel Inserts

Barbas Bellfires wood burning inserts
There are different series within the Barbas range of products – each one with its specific
advantages. The Evo-7 is perfect for application in built-in situations and has a cast iron interior.  The elegant Cuatro fireplace combines the advantages of a built-in appliance. The Universal fireplace is suitable for both built-in and insert situations. The Unilux compact fireplace is characterised by its compact built-in depth of 35 cm. It can be used in both insert and built-in situations.  Like the Universal, the Unilux has a concrete ceramic interior.

• Dutch design in its purist form
• Completely air-tight, wood-burning built-in fireplace
• Sleek and modern front fireplace
• Closed fireplace, complies with the Blower Test
• Fits perfectly in impermeable residences
• Perfect burning and high efficiency rate
• Bold industrial cast-iron interior
• A rating efficiency
• 10 year warranty on the body of the fireplaces

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