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Portugese Limestone Fireplaces

Choice... The large selection of limestone fireplaces we can show you is a reflection of the popularity of this material.

Unique... The smooth surface is enhanced with unique and individual markings and lends itself to both modern and traditional designs. We believe to fully understand these designs and finishes you need to see the products in the flesh and always recommend that you visit our showroom to see the fireplaces in their true glory.

Did You Know? Our installers are well practised in fitting this lovely material and once the fireplace is installed, we protect it's surface with a professional grade sealant.
Limestone Fireplaces
Made in UK
One of the ranges we display is totally British made and enables you to specify a design to your individual requirements.
Limestone Fireplaces
Limestone Fireplace
"Visit our showroom – you'll be amazed at the choice."